DASH Diet – An Essential To Blood Pressure Maintenance

Tue 18 October 2016


DASH diet means Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension. It emphasize on the dietary intake of foods in the management of Hypertension. DASH diet improves the overall health and actively lowers the pressure in hypertensive individuals. DASH diet approach is a lifelong healthy eating style designed to prevent the incidence of blood pressure. But how to lower the blood pressure fast has been widely discussed for so many years. Improper life styles and stress has changed the life of every human being. Hypertension is now a common disease suffered by people of all ages. Click http://news.heart.org/category/hbp/ to know more on Blood pressure and their harmful consequences on health. An Insight To The DASH Plan Dealing with a DASH diet requires time and patience as it has to adapt to your life-style. It encourages reducing the sodium levels in your diet. It recommends having a wide variety of foods that are rich in nutrients like Calcium, magnesium and potassium. You can find dramatic changes within weeks once after practicing Dash diet. It is found that, there is a remarkable drop in blood pressure points up to 8-14 points thereby keeping heart health. Not only it saves the heart, but also offers variety of health benefits like prevention of osteoporosis, cancer, stroke and heart diseases. However, its marvellous effect to shed waistline makes it acceptable to a major community today. Originally, the DASH diet was not designed for weight loss but for making people aware about the nutritional requisites they should keep entire life. Since obesity prevailed across the globe, and lead to many of the dreaded diseases, there was the demand to plan an easy-to-follow trimming plan based on essential food. The core of DASH theory lies upon eating a diet filled with fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans, devoid of processed and refined sugars. Later, a DASH diet has been optimized over the trials done in the last few years. And it has shown better results too. The omission of junk food and the addition of proteins in a DASH plan significantly cuts down blood pressure and the LDL levels of body. The modified version found to be completely compatible with the successful weight loss regime. Meals and snacks have been replaced with bulky filling foods like fruits and vegetables to quash hunger. Apart from the heart health, this also remarkably reduces the incidence of diabetes. The tummy fat is kept optimum, management of sugar levels, triglyceride levels and improved HDL are all added advantages of DASH diet. Strangely, the DASH diet plan also helps to avoid premature ageing. Antioxidants are powerful sources of anti-ageing. The plant-based diet reduces the oxidation and inflammation that leads to ageing and diseases. Even if you don’t have blood pressure, DASH plan is worth enough to have a trial for all. Since it is the healthier mode of eating, you won’t feel it disadvantageous. It does added benefits to your future health as it removes fats, sugars and processed junks from your life. The DASH diet is beneficial to the elderly as it makes them more energetic and enables them to perform their daily activities with zest and zeal.

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