List Of Exclusive Activities To Try Out In San Francisco

Wed 11 May 2016

There are many places to move around, in San Francisco. This city is gifted with the incredible beauty of nature. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the best manmade structures present in this world. No one can ever get enough of this dreamy city. It is full of life and there is always something new to try over here. Nob hill is surrounded mostly by mass transit and is close to many other major tourist attractions. This is a place where you can walk rubbing elbows with the locals. There are beautiful mansions and cathedrals around. It is best to make a list of things to do in SF. Without the list you may miss out some popular spots or you may get confused about places which you should visit.

There is variety everywhere. If you are on holidays with friends there are wonderful places to hover around. If you have come with your family and children, you can visit museums and parks. There is something to enjoy for people of every age group. There is nothing much to worry about either. Locals are very friendly and you can easily get to every destination. There are places to visit suitable for every travel budget. Nothing in this city will make you feel like an outsider. A wonderful city with lots of food trucks everywhere. It is a unique feature about the city. There are many food trucks that serve cheap and tasty food. The best part is that they offer a great variety of dishes. They are not limited to just a few of them. The foods they make are suitable for the health conscious traveler to the gourmet who loves to indulge in adventurous eating. While wandering around the city you will find many food trucks in every street. Go there and check out their menu. You will feel like eating everything. They offer an amazing combo of food items. In earlier times, ferries worked as the medium of travel to bring workers and supplies from other places. It was greatly popular before the Golden gate bridge was built. Even today they are present in the city but with day trippers.

There are plenty of areas to shop and eat around. You will have a fun time that too without having to empty your wallet. Sausalito is a town which was once used for ship building. It is not so huge and can be covered in just a few minutes if you walk continuously. Upper height strict is also a must visit for any tourist. It has changed a lot since it was built in the 70s but, it still has plenty of eye candy for people who love to watch other people. It is a great place to visit with your family members. Next is the Presidio or the Fort Point. In early times this land was used by the military troops for almost 220 years. It is a landmark that has made its place in many famous movies and reality TV shows. Coit Tower is San Francisco's little Italy. Many famous Italian dishes with unique taste, are served here.

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