Long History Of Hilton Head Island

Tue 25 October 2016

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Before visiting the island, you need to know about the geographic location, population, climate, recreational activities, beaches, shopping and dining amenities in Hilton Head. The website http://www.hiltonheadchamber.org/business-resources/press-and-media/fast-facts/ contains all the above details about this island.

Hilton Head is a beautiful island to visit and it has plenty of places to see. If you plan to visit this country for the first time you must research about the places you like to visit, hotels for accommodation and food etc. The history of this coastal island is interesting to know.

History of Hilton head starts by the Native Americans who occupied the island during the winter and fall time to escape from the harsher weather further north.

Still, you can see some evidence for this in the shape of the Indian Shell Ring, situated in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve. It is actually in the form of mound containing animal bodies, clay and oyster shells and it belongs to 1450Bc which is a thousand years of old. The France and Spain people occupied the Port Royal Sound region in 1520 and because of some fighting in this area, the port went to Spain.

Hilton Head properly starts when William Hilton discovered the island accidentally when trying to find Port Royal’s entrance. He was attracted towards the natural beauty, air and water of this land and the tall pine trees explain the fertility of the soil. It was named as Hilton Head in a remark to the headlands his crew noticed when they discovered the island by sea.

Colonization of English people started in 1698 but the European population of the island was still only 25 families in 1766. The history of the island faced a tough time during the American Revolution since islanders basically supported the colonists. This island thrived several years like this and there were British raids often and it had a unique slave culture called Gullah. The unique language and traditions of Gullah culture made the Gullah community strong even now and there are some people who follow this culture even today.

Gullah people strived hard to the development of this island and there is no doubt in this. The civil war was another milestone in Hilton history which freed the Gullah people and the modern history of Hilton Head Island started in 1951 and electricity was introduced to his island. Initially, for many years the island was very popular for timber trees and hunting.

Charles fasters with the group of investors began to develop this island by planting Sea pines. This type of development is viewed as respecting the environment by providing facilities like bike paths, golf courses initially and then focused on the development on these amenities. This approach was followed till now and thus resulted as the reputed resort destination today.

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